23 Efficient and Attractive Small Bedroom Designs

So, you’ve got that spare bedroom in your home. Maybe you’ve got it set up as a rudimentary guest bedroom? Maybe you’re just using it for storage? Is it just empty? What are you thinking! You may think that it’s impossible to do anything with that small space, but the truth is exactly the opposite. There are so many different designs that you can consider that will get the most out of your small bedroom.

Naturally, when you’re talking about a small bedroom, storage options are going to be at a premium. In many of the examples included here, you’ll find a number of different storage solutions that can help you to maximize space. Of course, you also won’t be able to fit in a huge bed. Regardless, you can still come up with a solution for the bed in your small bedroom that’s every bit as comfortable as something else!

So don’t let your small bedroom (or bedrooms) go neglected. Get some inspiration from these 23 awesome small bedroom designs. Without a doubt, you’re sure to find something that will point you in the right direction for extracting the maximum value from that space!


1. Under Bed

As you might expect, using the space underneath the bed is paramount when crafting an efficient small bedroom design.


2. Cheerful

When working with a small bedroom, you want to incorporate color in order to add some life to the space.